OFC 2024

Welcome to the booth of yigu optoelectronics: #4950

OFC: Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exposition is jointly organized by the American Optical society (OSA), IEEE/ComSoc and IEEE/LEOS. OFC is the largest annual exchange of light communication in the world.

The OFC is held at the San Diego convention and exhibition center on March 13-15, 2023.


American huawei, nokia, cisco, corning, Intel, finnisha, guangxun, haixin, etc

Mitsubishi, sumitomo, corriam, schindler, meilus and so on

OFC since founded in 1975, has successfully hosted the 41st, OFC currently has been recognized as the world's highest specifications in optical communication field, the largest and oldest, most professional, the most influential international event. For more than 41 years OFC has attracted experts from all over the world to meet, teach, communicate and promote business. OFC has a strong reputation in the industry, providing opportunities for cooperation in the field of communication, and analysing the sources and inspirations of key technology drivers that affect the development of the industry. The OFC provides one-stop services from technology to the latest market trends and forecasts. OFC is the most important activity in the global photoelectric optical communication exhibition. Seminars on fair each year, there are three days, every five days, OFC gathered numerous new idea, the industry's leading ideas and hundreds of exhibitors displaying in optical communication module, system and network research progress of the latest technology. In the optical communication industry, there is no other time to gather such a dense and rich resource like OFC. Professionals from around the world meet, see trends, share information, build relationships, discover business opportunities and work together to advance the industry.

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A104, the first phase of the 1st phase of the hongshan international enterprise center in wuhan, hubei province